Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, or still have futher questions, please feel free to contact us at the funeral home.
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Q1: Do you offer cremation services?

A1: We do. We offer pretty much any service that you would want. We can assist you in planning traditional full viewings and burials, non-traditional celebrations of life, green burials and everything in between. This includes cremations.

Q2: Do you perform the cremations at the funeral home?

A2: We do not. No funeral home in New Jersey that was established after December 1, 1971 may also own or operate a crematory. This is the law in New Jersey as a protection to you, the consumer. Any funeral home that offers "cremation services" in their advertisements is offering the same services that we do, and may even be using the same crematory.

Q3: What is the average cost of a funeral?

A3: There really is no "average" cost to a funeral these days. This is because the cost can vary widely depending upon the services/casket/disposition selected. Each funeral is as unique as the family that selects it, and you would be hard pressed to find two that are the same. As more and more customization becomes available this will only become more apparent. You can find our price list here on our website to help you begin to understand what is available. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Q4: Can I have a viewing if I choose cremation instead of burial?

A4: Absolutely. You can choose to have a traditional viewing with a service either at the funeral home or at a church. The cremation would take place after the services are completed.

Q5: What if I don't want my body to be viewed after my death?

A5: While having a viewing is recognized by many grief specialists as giving those who are grieving a chance to recognize the death and begin their healing process, it is not a requirement. If your family wishes they can have a memorial gathering at a later date after your cremation or burial takes place.

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