Pre-Need Center

More and More People Are…

pre-planning funerals and making Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangements with their local funeral director. The reasons are simple and they make good sense. You have the opportunity to relieve your family from the financial burden of paying for funeral expenses, and quite simply, make wishes and desires known in advance of need.

Everything Is Taken Care Of

Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangement is the planning of a funeral before the need arises, often years before. Making prior arrangements for the funding of the selected funeral is a crucial part of planning in advance of need.

Moving toward peace of mind for you and your family is simple to do. It involves the pre-selection of a professional funeral service and funeral merchandise.

You Have Flexibility

There are several payment options for funding a Tradition & Trust pre-arranged funeral. You may pay for it in one payment or over a period of time. Should you move, the pre-funded Tradition & Trust pre-arrangement benefits can be used at the funeral home of your choice.

You Are Protected

A statement of your selections will be kept at the funeral home to ensure your wishes are known at time of need.

Your funeral planning professional will determine the value of your funeral service at today's costs. By selecting a Tradition & Trust PreArrangement to pre-fund your funeral, you can feel confident that your investment is safe and sound.

The benefits of Tradition & Trust pre-arranging and pre-funding protect you from inflation. Excess proceeds in a revocable pre-arrangement may be returned to the family at time of need.

A Complete Tradition & Trust Package

Once plans have been arranged and the funding for those plans established, you will receive a complete set of personalized documents in a concise, organized Tradition & Trust PreArrangement package. You and your family will have the security of knowing final needs are taken care of as you wish.


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