Our goal has always been to serve the members of our community with compassion and integrity. In this regard, I hope that you can find a moment to tell us how we did. Any feedback you can offer will allow us to better serve you and others in the future.


*Please note that all persons leaving comments below are unlicensed and not qualified to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals, unless otherwise noted.


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3 Responses to “Comments”

  • Jacquelyn Carlock:

    My father passed away suddenly on away May 23rd, 2012. It was a very hard time for our family to even begin to think about funeral arrangements. The staff at John F Pfleger Funeral Home did a fantastic job in allowing this to be a smooth and easy process for our family. I want to thank John for taking the time to talk to me today about the funeral service process for my nursing school class , Death and Dying. This was an eye opening experience and gave me insight as to what went on with my own father, as I was too in shock to be a part of planning his funeral. This helped me to understand the process better and will allow me to use this information in my profession and gave me insight on what family members go through when losing a loved one. Thank you for your time and wonderful service.

  • Bill Lounsbery:

    We moved next door to the Pfleger funeral home in may 1961. We shared a common interest with the Pflegers and that was horse back riding. I believe my brothers and sisters were in 4h with the Pflegers. I have pictures on this computer of Johnny Pfleger jr. riding the arabian "sheik" and a paint called "rebel" if memory serves. I also remember the tragic loss of "sparky" and how it affected our entire family. Arnold Maarberg talked about sparky with me just about three years ago before he died. Anyway, anybody that reads this feedback should know what a classy and community spirited family they are.

  • Linda Hyatt Kranert:

    As a young girl I would walk by the Pfleger Funeral Home on my way to High School each day.  I went to school with Janice and my parents were long time friends of Mr. Pfleger and his wife.  When my father passed away Pfleger Funeral Home made sure the transition for us went smoothly and were extremely compassionate to me when it finally dawned on me at the burial site that my father had passed.  They knew what to look for and came to my aid before anyone else had a chance to see me fall apart…and I will never forget that.  People from all over the world came to pay their respects to my father and each and every one who attended the service was cared for.  My father's service was also very well run thanks to Pfleger Funeral Home staff.  When my mother passed away in 2012 once again Pfleger Funeral Home was there for us.  As they had spoken to my mother previously everything was pre-arranged and taken care of for us…taking a large burden off our shoulders.  They allowed us to show a remarkable video compilation of pictures of my Mom, her friends and her family…making the funeral not just a sad good bye but a happy remembrance.  Again, I thank them for all their help, compassion and professionalism.  If they would only open a branch in Florida there would be no doubt they would be my choice.  Thank you again Pfleger Funeral home and the Pfleger Family.

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